Our expert accountants will get you set up and train you in using Xero

What is Xero?

Xero is the accounting software we recommend for all our clients. It allows you to view your cashflow in real time, and along with some handy plug-ins or apps it can automate many tedious, manual processes like invoicing or expense reporting.

We have been Xero partners since 2012, and have substantial experience in introducing the software to new clients. Regardless of your level of proficiency there is probably something new you could learn or some process you could simplify, and that is where we will help you every step of the way.

We will help you get started with Xero and give you all the training you need

Here are a few things Xero lets you do

Improve your cashflow and get paid on time

See real time business transactions on your Apple Watch

Add payment services to your invoices and get paid faster

You set the pace

Some of our new clients have already used Xero for years. Others have barely heard of it. We even have some clients changing from other cloud accounting softwares when they see how user friendly Xero is.

We start your Xero training from where you are now, and teach you how to use the tools we think might be beneficial to you. For a new starter, we might start teaching you how to set up automatic invoices, store receipts or view your cashflow. For more intermediate users we might teach you how to use Xero for budgeting or generating reports. Expert users might benefit from learning about a new app that will save them time on a weekly basis.

Our training will always be on your terms – and at your pace. Most of our clients prefer a combination of online resources and one-on-one training sessions in our offices, but it is really up to you!

Add extra hours to your workday. Join the cloud today.