Xero helps put the fizz into The Bottle Shop

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Xero helps put the fizz into The Bottle Shop

Andrew Morgan started his business in 2010 selling speciality bottle beers from a stall in The Goods Shed, a daily farmers market and food hall by Canterbury West station.

His aim was to showcase the best bottled beers from the UK and across the world. “It’s an exciting time in the world of beer. There is now a huge and increasing range of excellent bottled beers from both established brewers and the plethora of new craft and micro brewers who are challenging accepted ideas and pushing the boundaries. Pubs and supermarkets can’t hope to stock such a broad range. We’re offering a craft beer festival everyday with beers of every style and for every taste from stouts to world class lagers”

In addition to running the stall Andrew started organised tasting events at The Goods Shed. These proved so popular that he decided to take the format to other markets and was soon organising regular events in London.

Business has been growing rapidly with mail order sales and national distribution deals and the future is looking very bright indeed.

Making the switch to Xero was an obvious choice for Andrew. Their existing systems weren’t capable of adapting to the rapidly growing business and were time consuming to maintain. Andrew realised that he needed to get greater control of the finances – particularly cash flow.

Pentins handled the move to Xero making the process painless and Andrew is now reaping the benefits. “The finances are always up-to-date and Xero is helping us run the businesses much more efficiently and effectively.” said Andrew. “What’s more I know that it’s a system that we are not going to outgrow.”

To find out more about how The Bottle Shop are benefiting from Xero with Pentins read the full case study.

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