Manage difficult conversations and turn them from a business negative to a positive

Difficult conversations, conflict

Manage difficult conversations and turn them from a business negative to a positive

Nobody likes the idea of confrontation, in fact most of us avoid it, but not all difficult conversations have to be about confrontation and argument, if done right they are about clarification and resolution.

We all know that feeling when a difficult or awkward conversation is looming. It occupies your mind, for far too long actually. You think about it in the shower, on your drive to and from work, before you go to bed and it most likely causes a sleepless night. The length of time you spend thinking about it is, in reality much longer than the conversation would be. You talk to yourself about how you feel, how its affected you and what you are going to say. Sometimes you even prepare answers to what the other person or persons might say, although this is difficult to do, given you are unsure of their reaction. Most of this preparation is because you anticipate that the conversation will turn into a disagreement and you will need to defend yourself and how you feel.

By confronting the situation you are worried you might make it worse, but the problems don’t go away by themselves, having difficult conversations is a fundamental and critical part of running a successful business. Click here to read all the necessary details for turning a difficult conversation into a business success…

  • Jason Couch
    Posted at 08:02h, 06 October Reply

    Excellent blog and some really useful tips on handling tricky conversations…..will certainly put this to use with staff and customers too!!!

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