Successful change management is easy through the principles of this memorable 3-part plan

Successful change management is easy through the principles of this memorable 3-part plan

Leading and managing change is a critical skill for a successful business and can lead to dramatic results. Successful change management involves thoughtful planning and sensitive implementation and above all consultation with, and involvement of, the people affected by the changes. If you force change on your team, then problems will arise. Change must be realistic, measurable and achievable.

Successful change starts with someone changing their behaviour – that someone is you, the business leader. You change your behaviour when you adopt a successful change pattern.

Jonathan Haidt, an eminent psychologist suggests change works best when you appeal to both the emotional and the logical side of peoples’ brains. He believes that the memorable 3-part pattern for success is a RIDER on an ELEPHANT on a PATH. I know this sounds a bit like an Indiana Jones movie but successful change requires you to get this metaphor working for you. Before embarking on any organisational change you must ask yourself:

How can I best ‘Direct the Rider’?

· script the moves essential for success

· point to the destination – this needs to be something everyone in the business understands and aspires to

· find the bright spots, ask yourself the question ‘What’s working and how can we do more of it’

How can I best ‘Motivate the Elephant’?

· get the right people with the right emotional commitment and present evidence for the change that makes them feel something

· reward and recognise the initial changes even if small – each result is a small victory, and this can be a big motivator

· grow your people by fostering and encouraging determination and persistence, highlighting the achievements so far and future milestones

How can I best ‘Shape the Path’?

· Tweak the environment – make the right behaviour or processes easier and the wrong ones harder. Reinforce the value of change through promotion, recruitment, new leaders. Make it part of the culture of the company

· Make the change consistent and habitual – this could be achieved by something as simple as adding a checklist

· Turn the minority into a majority – establish a concentrated environment where everyone is focused on doing the same thing.

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