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Up-to-date resources to help you manage your business through Covid.

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Managing Covid-19 Stress

Use these tips to manage your Covid-19 related stress (updated 05/11)

Work From Home

These useful tips will help you if you’ve recently transitioned to working from home (updated 03/11)

Assessment & Planning

Assess your situation, and plan the next move for your business.

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Assess Your Business

Assess your current situation, and find out how you can make an achievable business plan.

Smart Goals Worksheet

Use this worksheet to make SMART goals for your business.

How to Make a Business Plan

Learn how you can make your own business plan, and get a free business plan template.

Guide for Developing Your Business Continuity Plan

You need to develop a plan to get through the next 3-6 months. This guide will help you create a strategy for yourself, your team and your business.

The Entrepreneur’s Test

Take the Entrepreneur’s Test and get a personal report identifying the weaknesses in your business, and learn how you can improve it.


Manage your cashflow, and optimise how you use cash in your business.

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How to Get More Cash in Your Business

This free 7 day email course will help you improve your cashflow.

The Importance of Cashflow Control

Learn why you need to control your cashflow, and not let it control you.

36 Ways to Improve Cashflow

Find useful ideal on how you can improve your cashflow in your business.

Financing Your Business

Discover the options you have when it comes to financing your business.

Find Lenders

If you’re looking for external funding, Capitalise can help you find the right lenders.

HMRC & Compliance

Avoid fees, delays and stress when you deal with the tax authorities.

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How to Run Your Business by The Books

Learn how to stay compliant with HMRC.

Pre Year-End Tax Planning

Pre year end tax planning advice for 2021 (updated 02/2021)


Spot trends, identify problems early on, and collect knowledge about your business.

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Get Insights Into What’s Happening In Your Business

Knowing what’s going on in your business will help you make the right decisions and plan ahead.

Building Your Dream Team

How to put together a great team with people that will support and promote business growth.


Review, enhance and improve your product to stay competitive.

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Why Enhancing Your Business is Essential

Stay ahead of your competition by continuously enhancing and improving your business, products and services.

Delegating Tasks

Encourage greater initiative in your business by using the delegation ladder.

Pricing Your Products

Do you know for certain that your products are priced correctly? Learn the optimal pricing strategies, and how small price changes can drastically improve your business.


Turn your service or offering into a product to improve sales, build value and create a more loyal customer base.


Increase the value of your business, and continue to grow your assets.

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Understanding Value

Learn what business value means, and how it is measured.

Building Business Value

Grow the value of your business.


Plan your exit early on, to make sure that you make the most out of your business.

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Why you need an exit plan

You need to start planning your exit long before you actually intend to exit the business. Learn why in this article.

Plan to Sell Your Business

Get the most out of the sale of your business by having a detailed plan.

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