Our History

Founded 1926

Established since 1926, the original firm known as Pentin Neame operated in the historic city of Canterbury, Kent. In 1986, three partners from a London based tax practice purchased Pentins Neame and created today’s Pentins.

Heritage is in our hearts

It’s a connected world. Pentins has embraced the radical changes and opportunities that technology has brought to the accountancy profession, as in other walks of life.

In response we have created a first class client focused business that today lives by the heritage and knowledge base that built it, whilst remaining a leader in innovation, change and modern business practice.

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Make your mark

When the partners purchased Pentins in 1986, the first innovation was the addition of a specialist tax consultancy followed in 1987 by a financial planning service. These services are still part of today’s business and continue to offer first class advice and solutions to our clients needs.

Tax consultancy and financial planning were then joined by a comprehensive business support service, ranging from Payroll and Book keeping to Accounts and Audit.

Computers are the future

In 1999, the firm purchased a computer database business. Durodata now provides specialist software development and delivers complete end-to-end solutions to customers.

A developer of Sage Accounting Software and Filemaker, Durodata work closely with Pentins to ensure our customers receive the best software and training for their business. The business has built a reputation for quality and has an international client base and portfolio.

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Our Clients

We’re nothing without you

At the heart of all our history and changes has been our clients. Throughout the years our team have been dedicated to delivering quality and innovation.

Our mission remains the same as it did in 1987; to deliver quality, innovative and affordable solutions to you. This will always remain at the core of our practice and is guided by our values and customer policy.

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