Is your mindset derailing your success?

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Written by Alan Davidson
Alan Davidson is a Chartered Accountant, director and founder of Pentins Business Advisers, entrepreneur and author of the Amazon best-seller "Achieve Your Business Vision". With over 25 years of helping businesses succeed, Alan knows how to build a business with real value, while avoiding costly mistakes.
March 27, 2019

Could it be that your mindset is derailing your success? Any doubt about whether you can or can’t do something will certainly hold you back.

Take your foot off the breaks

Doubt puts the breaks on your success without you realising. It makes it less likely that you will achieve what you want because it limits the commitment and energy you invest in the action you take. Know for certain that you can do something and your self-belief will automatically improve. Know for certain, and the energy and commitment you bring to the actions you have planned improve. The wrong fixed mindset holds you back and derails your ability to win. The right growth mindset sets you up for success.

Talent versus learning

Have you ever heard people say anything like these three things?

“I’m not creative but Sheila was born creative, I could never dream up a story from scratch like she does.”

“I don’t do new technology, that’s for my younger colleagues.”

“I wasn’t put on this earth to be a [fill in the blank].”

With such a mindset how do you think they would answer this question: “Is a person’s intelligence, character, skill and creativity static, or are these things that can be cultivated?”

The three statements suggest a fixed mindset – intelligence, character, skill and creativity – is static. There is no doubt, but they’re suggesting it’s a talent thing, not a learned thing.

But can’t any skill be learned?

Let us elaborate… A business (rather than personal) growth mindset is perfectly reflected by Kaizen, a Japanese process of continuous improvement. Kaizen learning is at the heart of The Toyota Production System and has proved so successful it has influenced all car and many other production processes in the world.

A personal growth mindset is the Kaizen of human development. A growth mindset is at the core of the success achieved by top athletes, musicians, artists and business people.

And so Henry Ford was right all along…

The founder of The Ford Motor Company is famous for saying: “Whether you believe you can do it or not, you are right.”

It’s simply a matter of a learning mindset. And science is now proving that Mr Ford was right all along. Carol S. Dweck is leading research into the power and value of a growth mindset.

Growth Mindset Signpost

Now let’s go back to the question posed earlier: “Is a person’s intelligence, character, skill and creativity static, or are these things that can be cultivated?”

The answer to this question, according to Dweck, is a key indicator about whether you have a growth mindset or a fixed mindset. There is a mindset ‘moment of truth’ when it matters which frame of mind you hold. “Learning mindsets come into play right at the point at which we begin to struggle or face a challenge. How we interpret this adversity affects our motivation to remain engaged with the task at hand. If we don’t remain engaged, we lose out on the cognitive benefits of working through a challenge.”

It’s when it gets tough, difficult or challenging that you want your growth mindset to hold sway and be strong – not your limiting, fixed mindset.

In a nutshell

So, is your mindset derailing your success? Yes. The odds in favour of your success improve only when you wholeheartedly believe that your intelligence, character, skill and creativity can be cultivated. This applies to you as it does to everyone in your business.

Stack the odds in your favour…

Dweck and her colleagues point to several ways for stacking the odds in our favour. If we can be more ‘growth’ than ‘fixed’ in our mindset we will be more successful. Find out what steps you should take to build a growth mindset here.

Source: www.businessbitesize.com

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