Growing your business

Getting you to where you want to be

Whatever the economic environment, establishing your business is a great achievement. However in today’s cut throat competitive world, growing a stable and profitable business that allows you to have the comfortable life you want is not something most business owners will ever experience.

We help business owners and entrepreneurs grow to their fullest potential. The methods we use are tried and tested for over 30 years, and our success stories prove that we can deliver what we promise.

Our advisers use the Achieve methodology to help you where you need it the most. Therefore all of our services are sold as one product, customisable by selecting which compliance services you need. We use the latest technology to do all the things you’d expect your accountant to do for you – and a few you might not. 

Pentins very quickly took control and put systems in place to get my business back on track. I have absolute trust in Pentins which now allows me to focus on the area of business that I am good at.

– Frankie Widdows, Director, Eyelash Excellence Limited

Do you need to borrow money for your business?

Join us for a free webinar presented by our director Alan Davidson as he shows you how you can grow a successful business by reviewing and using your numbers to your benefit.

Your business needs, tailored


What's your predicted profit this year? Should you buy or rent? Hire someone or use a consultant? Scenario forecasting helps you predict the future and make the best decisions for your business.

Tax planning

Our tax specialists know the tax laws inside out and can help you reduce your tax as much as possible - and make sure you are prepared to pay what you must.


As we know you and your business, your goals, your numbers, your successes and challenges, we are very well suited to assist you in creating a strategy to grow your business.

Business coaching

Regular coaching sessions help you set realistic goals, keeps you accountable and ensures you keep working on improving your business on a regular basis.

Financial reports

If you regularly review your financial reports you'll never be surprised by your results. Knowing where your business is at the moment is the first step towards growing.

Exit planning

At some point you will exit your business, either by selling or by retiring. Plan your exit from the start to ensure you reach your goals.

KPI Improvement

We help you identify the key items that affect your business' performance and help you make a plan to improve them.


As chartered accountants we sort out all of your compliance work. VAT, annual accounts, payroll, personal tax, and more - we got you covered!

Ad hoc advice

Ad hoc advice on email or over the phone when you need it is always available to our clients - and we would never think to charge you extra.