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Covid-19 Resources

This is a trying time for small businesses in the UK and at Pentins, we are doing all we can to help. On this page you will find resources to help you support your business through the coronavirus pandemic and beyond.

The UK is built on small businesses, and we have always been passionate about helping them succeed and grow. That is why all these resources have been created and made available for free.

We have also established a Facebook group, Canterbury Covid-19 Business Support Group, which is available to all UK business owners. We will be hosting live Q&A sessions on a regular basis, and answering any questions you may have.

Sign up for our online webinar on Friday March 27th at 11 AM, where our director Alan Davidson will guide you through building a plan for yourself, your team and your business to get through the problems you are currently facing. There will also be a live Q&A as well as a recap of all confirmed government support grants and schemes.

Manage your cashflow

We have developed the Pentins Cashflow Helper tool to assist small business owners in managing their cashflow for a foreseeable 12 week period. This tool has been made available for free, and works for any business that use Xero.

Downloadable resources

These downloadable resources will answer any questions you might have about managing the Covid-19 situation:

Guide for Developing Your Business Continuity Plan

You need to develop a plan to get through the next 3-6 months. This guide will help you create a strategy for yourself, your team and your business.

Covid-19 Info For Business Owners

What you need to know, what help you can get (grants, funding) and things you need to think about (updated 24/03 at 3 PM)

Wages Support FAQs

All about the job retention scheme and how the government will help you keep your employees (updated 23/03 at 11 AM)

Coronavirus Scam Alert

City of London police has released this publication about coronacirus related scams and cyber crime. Read this to stay safe and protected.

Summary of Government Support

A quick summary of all the announces government support, along with information on how you can get it (updated 25/03)


Take the ACHIEVE test and get a personal report identifying the weaknesses in your business, and learn how you can improve it.

Pentins Business Growth Resource Centre

If you have some downtime in your business, with few or no customers, this is a great opportunity to browse our free resources on business growth.

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