Cashflow Services

We offer cashflow services as a part of our business services. Using cashflow awareness training and financial coaching, we teach our clients the skills required to manage their own cashflow better.

Our easy-to-use budgeting and forecasting tools will enhance your understanding of your business. This will allow you to anticipate the future of your business by foreseeing problems before they arise.

Pentins’ cashflow services will take the guesswork out of your finances, so that you can continue to make the best decisions for your business without worrying about tomorrow.

Included as a part of our service package, our Achieve clients get access to the Profit Projector. This is a tool which we have developed to help business owners project their own profits. The tool is built on Google Sheets, and connects to your Xero account, which makes it accessible and easy to use for any business.

Track your income, expenses and projected profit to stay on top of your finances through the year. You can also easily use the tool to generate reports to share with your team or shareholders.

How does the Profit Projector work?

The Profit Projector runs on Google sheets, and is connected to your Google account. We will help you set it up, and teach you how to use the tool. Enter your budgeted and actual income, and the Profit Projector will estimate your expected profit for you. The data is easily extracted into Google slides, which can be used to share the reports with others.

Who can benefit from this tool?

We have designed the Profit Projector for small businesses. After years of working closely with business owners from various industries, we are confident that we have created a tool that’s easy to navigate, and gives you a clear understanding of your business’s progression.

What does it cost?

The Profit Projector is exclusively available to our clients. The tool is included with the cost of your Achieve package fees. Clients that are not on the achieve programme can contact us to receive an updated proposal.

To find out how we can help you and your business, book a call with one of our expert advisers.

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