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The ACHIEVE methodology was created by Pentins’ founder and director, Alan Davidson. With over 25 years experience as an accountant and business adviser to hundreds of businesses, Alan has gained unique insight to what separates the businesses that succeed from those that fail or stagnate.

The methodology is designed to help entrepreneurs accelerate their journey to success regardless of their industry. It’s about knowing what numbers to measure, identify the areas of your business that require the most focus, and having the ability to make confident decisions that will help your business grow.


Identify the strengths & weaknesses of your business and create a realistic business plan.


Take a closer look at your cashflow and ensure you have suitable financing plans in place.


Manage compliance, minimise tax risk and ensure effective systems are in place without the hassle of HMRC.


Get real time insights & identify the right opportunities to help you manage and grow your business.


To achieve your goals, you need a plan. Forecasting helps you stay ahead of your competitors by continuously improving.


Lay the foundations that will increase the value of your business and keep growing your assets.


An exit plan is essential for every business owner. Create a realistic plan so you can sell your business or comfortably retire without worry.



You are just starting up or you just need a fresh start to regain control of your business


You have an established business that is ready to disrupt the market and want to focus on enhancing and expanding


You have achieved your desired business growth and want to remain in your position while building value until your exit

Read more in Alan Davidson’s best-selling book “Achieve Your Business Vision”

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The Numbers Game

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“Alan has an exceptional team around him and I would wholeheartedly recommend him and his company.”

– Deborah Martin, Director, Jordan Estates Limited

“(Alan & his team) … have a different approach to business and have made suggestions to help other areas of our business such as cashflow and using systems to help improve our efficiencies.”

– Dave Hover, Director, Gilette Cook Limited
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