Achieve Your Business Vision

The book is must-read for entrepreneurs and business owners that want to accelerate their journey to success.

Alan Davidson


Alan Davidson is a Chartered Accountant, entrepreneur and co-director of Pentins Business Advisers Limited. Throughout his 30 years of experience advising businesses on financial matters, Alan has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs grow successful, sustainable businesses.

Alan has an unshakable belief that entrepreneurs have the power to change the world. They bring innovation, fun and change to society. However, they can also make big mistakes if they do it wrong. It is his mission to help visionary entrepreneurs overcome obstacles and grow a business that serves them, their customers and the world at large.

He is the author of the Amazon best-seller “Achieve Your Business Vision”, which was a Business Book Awards finalist in 2020. His innovative methods earned Pentins a shortlisting for the most innovative accountancy firm in the UK in 2019, and a Best Digital Accountant shortlist in 2020.

Alan Davidson.

“This book gives an entrepreneur everything they need to know to give their business the best chance to thrive and not just hope to survive.”

Shane Lukas, AVN Inspiring Accountants

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